Meeting of the EBA Tax and Customs Committee - Fiscal and customs policy for the year 2024

EBA organized the meeting of the Tax and Customs Committee, at which the proposals of the business environment for the Tax and Customs Policy for the year 2024 were discussed, these being the directives that have a negative impact on business development at the moment, as well as sustainable economic development in the Republic Moldova in a crisis context, including:
- Cancellation of the tax for goods that in the process of use cause environmental pollution and the introduction of the economic mechanism for the application of the REP by exempting the tax and not by subsidizing only the processors.
- Adjusting the nominal values of meal vouchers to current realities;
- Revision of the values provided by Government Decision no. 693/2018 for food provided by the employer and organized transport;
- The introduction of VAT taxation on the import of passenger cars with the elimination of excise duties that are currently applied;
- Elaboration of the legislative framework necessary to ensure the free circulation of denatured alcohol without payment of excise duties;
- Standardization of product categories for which the 8% VAT reduced rate is applied.