Driver for change
EBA Annual Review 2022
Driver for change
EBA Annual Review 2022
Our mission
The EBA is one of the main business impact organisation for Moldovan and foreign entities aimed at:
  • Facilitating domestic and foreign trade;
  • Improving business climate through different communication platforms;
  • Bolstering foreign investments;
  • Promoting business activities between EU and the RM.
Our vision
The EBA Vision is to enable & drive the full establishment of European business practices and values in Moldova, wishing to promote and contribute to the harmonization of economy of Moldova and the EU.
Macro analysis 2022

War in Ukraine and energy crises impact on the Moldovan economy in 2022
  • GDP decrease of 5.9%
  • Annual inflation rate (30.2%) increase of 25.2%
  • Average monthly salary increased by 10.3 %
  • Budget revenues (32% of GDP) increased by 18.3%
  • Collection from taxes and duties on goods and services +11,5%
  • VAT revenues increase +22,7%
  • Grants from development partners amounted 4.5 billion MDL, +1,8 times
  • Public debt increased with 21,7%
  • Exports increased by 37.9%
  • Imports increased by 28.5%
  • Industry decreased by 5.9%
  • Agriculture decreased by 29.8%
  • Tourism increased by 28.7%
  • Transport of goods increased by 5.9%
  • Transport of passengers increased by 33.7%
The worldwide increase of raw material prices and energy resources, the war in the neighboring country and disruption of value chains reflected negatively the indicators of the external payments balance for the year 2022. Internal demand and the increase in prices for energy resources have determined the 27.1% increase in the value of imports of goods and services. At the same time, the associated risks of the military conflict in Ukraine influenced the outflow of personal transfers (2 times more). As a result, the current account deficit increased by 33.9%. Therefore, the country's external financing requirement relative to GDP reached the level of 15.6%, compared to 12.8% in 2021.

Trade environment.

International trade in goods recorded high growth in the year 2022. The positive external demand and the very good result of the agricultural sector in 2021 led to the increase of exports by 37.9%, totaling 4335.1 million US dollars. Re-exports of foreign goods (after processing and classics) made up 31.6% and increased about 1.9 times. Internal demand and the world prices evolution of energy resources, the military conflict in the neighboring country, the unfavorable climatic conditions (drought in the summer of 2022) are the factors that led to the acceleration of the value of imports by 28.5%, amounting to 9219.1 million US dollars. The volume of imports exceeded by about 2.1 times the volume of exports and, thus, the degree of coverage of imports with exports constituted 47%. The negative trade balance increased by 21.1%.

Total value of international trade with goods in 2022 was 13554.2 million US dollars, registering an increase of 31.3% compared to the year 2021, and of exports (FOB) with 1190.6 million dollars (+37.9%), and imports (CIF) – with 2042.4 million dollars (+28.5%).

Thus, the trade deficit (FOB/CIF) increased by 21.1%, from -4,032.2 million dollars to -4,884 million dollars.
Moldovan exports to regions in 2019–2022, million USD
About 52% of the increase in exports was provided by deliveries to European Union countries. With a weight of 58.6%, the deliveries of goods to this group of states increased by 32.4% compared to 2021 and contributed with 19.75 p.p. to the evolution of exports.

Exports to the CIS countries had a share of24.1% of the total. After the declines in the first months of year, in the context of the war in Ukraine, during the following months exports to the respective group of countries recovered significantly, recording an increase of about 2.2 times in 2022, contributing to the evolution exports by 18.3 p.p.
The group's exports to the other countries of the world have decreased by 0.9%. With a weight of 17.3% in total they have contributed negatively to the evolution of exports by 0.2 p.p.
Trade partners
Exports of domestic goods made up 68.4% (2763.9 million dollars) of total exports, increasing by 21.9% compared to 2021, the positive contribution to the evolution of exports constituting 17 p.p.

Re-exports of foreign goods (after processing and classic) constituted 31.6% of total exports, of about 1.9 times more compared to 2021, positively influencing the evolution of exports by 20.9 p.p.

Imports of goods by country groups in years 2019-2022, million US dollars

The biggest increase was recorded in the import from EU countries – 38.6%. With a weight of 47.4% of the total they have contributed positively to the dynamics of imports by 16.9 p.p.
Imports from CIS countries increased by 14.7%, following the significant increase in gas prices natural. With a share of 23.7% of the total, imports from the CIS contributed positively to the evolution of imports with 3.9 p.p.
The other countries of the world, holding a share of 28.9%, registered an increase of 25.7%, the positive contribution to the evolution of imports being 7.6 p.p.
The imports from EU accounted 4364.81 million USD (an increase by 38.6% compared to 2021) and represents 47.35% of total Moldovan imports.
Energy and electricity (CIF prices)
Increase in the purchase price of gas and electricity has influenced the increase in service tariffs provided to the population in 2022. At the same time, the compensation support offered by the Government starting from November for paying gas, heat and electricity bills for consumers households, mitigated the increase in tariffs.

Main rates services provided to the population, (December 2022 vs. December 2021), %
Foreign direct investments (FDI) Uncertain prospects exacerbated by the armed conflict in the neighboring country have driven many residents of the Republic of Moldova to transfer its investments abroad in a volume of 55.4 million dollars. At the same time, foreign investors acted contrary to expectations: they reinvested their profits, leading to a jump for about 1.5 times of foreign direct investments.

In the geographical distribution of accumulated capital, investors from EU countries got the major share of 87.1%, and those from other countries - 13.1%. Simultaneously, direct investment from the CIS has fallen sharply, up to -6.4 million dollars. The main foreign investors in Moldova are originally from Cyprus, Holland, Romania, France, Bulgaria, Austria, Great Britain, etc.

The main economic activities that have benefited from FDI are financial and insurance activities (34.4% of the total stock of direct investment in the form of capital (own), trade (24.3%) and manufacturing industry (20.6%).

Structure of FDI by economic activities as of 31.12.2022, %
  • Jānis Mažeiks
    EBA Honorary President
    Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova
EBA Board
  • Jose Luis Gomez Pascual
    EBA Board President
    Premier Energy
  • Roman Ivanov
    EBA Board Vice President
    Vernon David Law Firm
  • Bogdan Pleșuvescu
    (former) EBA Board Vice President
  • Mathias von Tucher
    Danube Logistics
  • Dona Gabriela Rapciuga
    Kaufland Moldova
  • Constantin Barbaros
    Metro Cash & Carry Moldova
  • Alexandru Gozun
    PwC Moldova
  • Alexandru Țurcan
    Țurcan Cazac Law Firm
  • Viorelia Levinski
    Südzucker Moldova
  • Diana Neagu
    Vernon David Law Firm
  • Giorgi Shagidze
  • Irina Strajescu
EBA Team
  • Mariana Rufa
    Executive Director
    Ensures the full executive and administrative authorities for EBA, developing the EBA strategy, work plans and budgets, managing recruitment of member corporations, facilitating partnerships, projects and co – operations for the benefit of EBA, and handling contact to EBA Sector Committees. Supports the team in the policy and advocacy process, services, project management and press & media work.
  • Eugen Cozmulici
    Policy & Advocacy Manager
    Develops and organizes the advocacy work for EBA, drafting advisory notes, representing EBA at meetings and working groups in relevant public private platforms and organizations. Assists the Executive Director in her efforts towards policy issues, building up and keeping an active network with relevant stakeholders for policy and advocacy work. Supports project management and leads EBA Sector Committees meetings.
  • Sandra Dolghi
    Tax Policy Manager
    Monitors the Tax & Customs Policy issues and supports the activities of the EBA Tax & Customs Committee. Represents EBA at meetings and working groups in relevant public private platforms and organizations. Builds up and keeps an active network with relevant stakeholders for policy and advocacy work. Drafting position papers and advisory notes.
  • Ion Cebanu
    Executive Assistant & Events Manager
    Provides administrative support and maintains protocolar correspondence. Takes care of the projects implementation and reporting. Ensures the smooth-running and organization of EBA events, trainings and seminars. Maintains and updates communication vehicles such as website, newsletter, press releases, social media and others.
  • Inga Stașcova
    Chief Accountant
    Is heading the Finance and Administration department of EBA. Drafts and supervise the EBA budget. Ensures Payroll and HR Administration. Provides monthly financial reports and monitors the cash flow. Assures accurate reporting according to the EBA policies.
  • Anna Djurinscaia
    (former) Chief Financial Officer & Tax Policy Manager
    Is heading the Finance and Administration department of EBA. Drafts and supervise the EBA budget. Ensures Payroll and HR Administration. Provides monthly financial reports and monitors the cash flow. Assures accurate reporting according to the EBA policies. Supports the Policy and Advocacy department as well as the EBA Tax & Customs Committee in regard to Tax and Customs Policy matters.
EBA members
Member companies
New members in 2022
All the EBA members are available on our website.
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EBA social corporate responsibility projects
EBA Moldova – CCF Moldova charity campaign „Daruiește căldură"

Support provided: Acquisition of woodfire and necessary items for families with children, including families with children with limited capacities.
Results: Thanks to the generous support from Members and other companies, 10 families in which 24 children are being raised, 9 of which are families with children with limited capacities, received first need items like clothes, shoes, hygiene products, gifts for children (sweets and fruits), toys, children's furniture. A mother was paid for the entire hairdressing course and purchased the necessary tools, this will help her support her children in the future.

EBA Moldova – CCF Moldova charity campaign "Împreună pentru pace"

Support provided: Acquisition of first need items for refugee centers.
Results: Thanks to the generous support from Members and other companies, the following items were purchased, which were distributed to centers both in Chisinau and in the region, where refugees are hosted:
  • beds and mattresses
  • washing machine
  • dryer
  • pillows, duvets and bed linen
  • food products, medicines
  • as well as other essential materials.
EBA International Conferences
4 International Conferences hosted by EBA in 2022
views on social media
Event organised with the support of the
Technical partner
views on social media
views on social media
Organised by
Technical partner
Business Environment
Key Business Environment indicators
Policy Documents
Issues/ Areas approached
Total nr. of meetings
Achievements/ Progress on Policy Agenda
Public Private Dialogue
National Institutions

  • Parliamentary Commissions
  • Economic Council to the Prime Minister
  • Customs Service Advisory Committee
  • Tax Inspectorate Advisory Committee
  • State Commission on regulation of the entrepreneurial activity
  • Ministry of Finance Technical Working Groups
  • Tax & Customs Policy Development
  • E-public Procurement
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment Technical Working Groups
  • Ministry of Finance Advisory Council on Taxes and Dutie
  • National Council of State Control Disputes
International Institutions

  • European Business Organization Worldwide Network
  • European Commission (DG Trade, DG Near, DG Energy)
  • European Parliament
  • OECD
  • IMF
  • EBRD
  • World Bank
  • IFC
  • German Economic Team

EBA collaboration with the Economic Council to the Prime Minister
The Economic Council to the Prime Minister is one of the main Public – Private Dialogue Platform where EBA is the chair of Trade Facilitation Committee. During the 2022, EBA has managed to address key issues faced by business environment through participation at the working groups and technical meetings organized within the Council.

Areas covered under the Economic Council to the PM:
  • Development of legal amendments to GDPR Legal Framework by transposing the EU Aquis
  • Development of legal amendments related to E-KYC
  • Development of legal amendments related to electronic signature and ensure its recognition in the EU
  • Adjusting the Domestic Trade law (Nr. 231) to the EU Aquis
  • Improvement and optimization of Import procedures (Amending the GD no 938/2018)
  • Development of legal amendments related to the Labor legislation
  • Development of legal amendments related to food safety legislation
  • Development of legal amendments related to Sanitary Regulations of tobacco products
  • Improve the implementation framework related to AML
  • Development of legal amendments related to Extended Producer Responsibility and creating a sound Wastes Management Framework
  • Tax Policy Legislation
  • Optimization of customs procedures related to customs valuation
  • Development of legal amendments related to New Customs Code

EBA publications
An EBA Product to update EBA Community on Policy Agenda and status quo on the issues covered.
EBA - Emergency Business Aid 24/7
launched due to the escalation of the war in Ukraine
EBA launched urgent meetings of the Business Community with Moldovan Officials
Meeting with Mr. Sergiu Gaibu, (former) Minister of Economy and Mr. Andrei Spinu, (former) Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Meeting of EBA Members with Mr. Sergiu Gaibu, (former) Minister of Economy
Meeting of EBA Members with Mr. Dorin Recean, (former) Adviser to the President of the RM on National Security issues
List of immediate interventions to support the business community:
  • Simplification of import and export procedures through digitalization;
  • Support in unblocking logistic blockages
  • Support in Customs clearing
  • Support to ensure production transfer from Ukraine to Moldova
  • Support to increase tariff rate quotas for import from EU
  • Support in application of sanctions imposed by EU and US
  • Support to decrease the fiscal burden in case of refugees related payments
  • Support in improving the legislation on socially important products (pending)
  • Individual support to EBA Members affected by the consequences of the war in Ukraine

EBA Sector Committees
EBA Moldova provides a platform to discuss with its Members all legal and policy initiatives aiming to improve the Moldovan legislation through its Sector Committees.
EBA Coordinators
  • Eugen Cozmulici
    Policy & Advocacy Manager
  • Sandra Dolghii
    Tax Policy Manager
  • Anna Djurinscaia
    (former) Chief Financial Officer & Tax Policy Manager
  • Cristina Garaz
    (former) Policy & Advocacy Manager
Tax & Customs Committee

Issues approached:
  • Tax Policy 2022/2023
  • Implementation of the EPR principle
  • Car import taxation
  • Revision of the taxation of denatured alcohol
  • Modification of GD 693/2018 and GD 10/2012
  • Optimization of statistical reports
  • E-factura
  • Completing the annual income tax report (VEN12)
  • Extending tax neutrality
  • Deductibility of expenses related to vaccination of employees
  • Adjustments of the deductible limit for transportation of the employees
  • Transfer pricing
  • Reclassification of taxpayer's transaction

Anastasia Dereveanchina
Senior Manager, Lead of Tax&Legal practice at PwC Moldova | Transfer Pricing Services PwC Romania
Agriculture & Environment Committee

Issues approached:
  • Export of animal origin products
  • Import of meat from EU and quotas administration
  • Land Code amendment
  • Food waste reduction
  • Waste management systems (Extended Producer Responsibility)
  • Depositary System
  • Amendment of the GD 938/2018 on state border crossing of non-animal goods subject to ANSA control
  • Illegal logging, non-compliant pallets production and unfair competition Phytosanitary requirements for wooden packagin

Alexandru Gîncu
Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Manager at Coca-Cola Hellenic Moldova
Human Resources Committee

Issues approached:
  • Amendments to Labor legislation
  • Advocacy for support measures related to Covid-19 pandemic

Eduard Gurin
Associate - Vernon David Law Firm
Automotive Committee

Issues approached:
  • Certification issues related to cars import
  • Jobs Subsidy Regulation

      Igor Corman
      Director, SE Bordnetze SRL
      Regulatory Framework Committee

      Issues approached:
      • Execution Code
      • E-commerce legal amendments (Digitalization Package #2)
      • Tobacco products sanitary regulation and Law on tobacco control
      • Cases of abuse from the state control bodies
      • Electronic identification and reliable services
      • Liberalization of the field of payments
      • GDPR related laws improvement
      • Amendment to Internal Trade Law 231/2010 (unfair competition)
      • Amendment to GD 774/2016 on social important products
      • Application of the Commission for Emergency Situation's provisions
      • Tobacco: Draft Government Decision on Amending Government Decisions (for the amendment of the regulations approved by GD no. 1065/2016 and GD no. 613/2017)
      • Payment services (PSD 2) - Directive (EU) 2015/2366
      • SIA CCDE implementation.
      • AML and sanctions application (Law 308)
      • Monitoring system for maritime vessel
      • Regulation of advertising industry
      • Fuel compliance contro

            Vladimir Palamarciuc
            Lawyer | Partner, Turcan Cazac Law Firm
            Infrastructure and Energy Committee

            Issues approached:
            • Strategic infrastructure assets
            • Amendment of Contravention Code
            • Renewables energy development
            • Amendment of GD 401/2021 for approval of renewables capacity limits and quotas
            • Electricity market regulation
            • Amendment of the GD no. 546/2019 on regulation of operation the temporary wharves and related buildings on internal waterways of Republic of Moldova
            VIEW MORE
                • Mathias von Tucher
                  General Director, Danube Logistics
                • Jose Luis Gomez Pascual
                  Country Manager - Premier Energy
                All the EBA Members proposals are collected, examined by the EBA Sector Committees and later reflected in a series of Position Papers.

                The list of Position Papers elaborated and sent to public institutions by EBA Moldova, can be found here.
                Business Support
                individual cases addressed
                EBA Members Meetings with EU and Moldovan Officials
                Meetings with EU and Moldova officials
                EU and International Officials
                • HE Janis Mazeiks
                  Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova
                • Marco Düerkop
                  Deputy Head of Unit Europe and Eastern Neighbourhood - DG Trade
                • Dragos Tudorache
                  Member of the European Parliament Vice-President of the Renew Europe Group
                • Koen Van Dyck
                  Directorate General for Health, and Food Safety of the European Commission (DG Sante D3), Head of Unit Bilaterial international relations
                • Dorota Dlouchy-Suliga
                  Head of Division at European External Action Service
                • Peter Janik
                  Political Officer - European External Action Service
                • Matteo Patrone
                  Managing Director, Eastern Europe and Caucasus European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
                • Dirk Buschle
                  Legal Counsel & Deputy Director, Energy Community Secretariat
                • Dimitar Bogov
                  EBRD Regional Lead Economist for Eastern Europe and Caucasus
                • Christian Ballarò
                  Attachè - Programme Officer for Energy, Environment and Climate Change
                • Cristian Leon Turcanu
                  Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova
                • Rodgers Chawani
                  IMF Resident Representative in Moldova
                • Alexandru Sandulescu
                  EU High Level Advisor on Energy
                • Rosario del Blasio
                  EU High Level Adviser on Customs and Tax Policy
                • Ivan Mikloš
                  (former) Advisor to the PM Office in the area of Energy and Renewables
                • Ilona Gruenewald
                  Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, Program Manager for Rural development and Agriculture
                • Bogdan Chirițoiu
                  President of the Romania Competition Council
                Moldovan Officials
                • Maia Sandu
                  President of RM
                • Dorin Recean
                  (former) Advisor to the President of RM
                • Igor Grosu
                  President of Parliament of RM
                • Octavian Armașu
                  Governor of the National Bank
                • Arcadie Albul
                  Deputy Governor of the NBM
                • Alexei Ghertescu
                  President of the Competition Council
                • Natalia Gavrilita
                  (former) Prime Minister of RM
                • Iurie Țurcanu
                  (former) Deputy Prime Minister on Digitisation
                • Corneliu Diaconu
                  Adviser to the Prime-minister on development of business environment
                • Vadim Gumene
                  State Secretary, Ministry of Economy
                • Sergiu Gaibu
                  (former) Minister of Economy
                • Andrei Spinu
                  (former) Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development
                • Marcel Spătari
                  (former) Minister of Labor and Social Protection
                • Vladimir Bolea
                  Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry
                • Sergiu Litvinenco
                  (former) Minister of Justice
                • Dumitru Budianschi
                  (former) Minister of Finance
                • Iordanca-Rodica Iordanov
                  Minister of Environment
                • Igor Talmazan
                  Director General of the Customs Service
                • Radu Musteata
                  General Director of the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA)
                • Mircea Eșanu
                  Director of Public Services Agency
                • Lidia Ababii
                  Deputy Director of the Customs Service
                • Dumitru Alaiba
                  Member of Parliament, Commission on Economy, Budget and Finance
                • Dan Perciun
                  Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on social protection, healthcare and family
                • Marian Radu
                  Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance
                • Sergiu Lazarencu
                  Member of Parliament, Commission on Economy, Budget and Finance
                • Ina Coșeru
                  Vice-President of the Environment and Regional Development Parliamentary Commission