Regina Naturii SRL

Since 2014, the company's main activity is honey production. At the moment, Regina Naturii is one of the local leaders in the production, collection, processing, packaging and export of natural honey.

At the oment, we can offer yo our customers honey in 10 assortments (polyflora, sunflower, acacia, lime, May, corainder, sage lavender, buckwheat, rapeseed, packaged in barrels of 315 kg, 44 kg, 4.8 kg, 1.4 kg, jars of 880 g, 500 g, 380 g, 250 g, 125 g, 28 g and pet 500 g and 250 g, 12-15 g sachets and 20 g pans.

In recent years, the highest sales were made on the foreign market, the company exporting up to 91.22 %.